Saturday, August 8, 2009

I planned to take pictures - really I did

So, I made a really good meal tonight. So much so that I meant to take pictures for here and they ate it. They ate it all. lol I made brat burgers, coleslaw, grilled corn, and lemon bars. I have to cook up the rest of the meat tomorrow, so I will take pictures then. If I can keep them from the food until after I do. Yes, it was all dairy, onion, garlic, MSG, meat tenderizer, and all that stuff free. I'll post the recipes when I post the pictures. They all had less than 10 ingredients each and took an average of 15 minutes hands on. Seriously. The cost of the whole meal was right around $10. We had company, so that was for six people with some leftovers. I'll tell you how tomorrow.

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