Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hello everyone. My name is Chele, and yes, I am domestically challenged. When I was a little girl, our housekeeper called my room Little Vietnam. I am better now, since I'm looking around and can see the floor in our home, but still have a long way to go. The one thing I can do well is cook. I love to cook! It's a good thing too. I have a ton of food allergies/intolerances that make life interesting. You try cooking when you can't eat dairy, onions, garlic, meat tenderizer, MSG, most food preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. I will be putting recipes up to help those with similar type allergies. My scale will testify, you can eat well even when you have a long list of things you can't eat.

Now housekeeping and organization are two things that are lacking in my world. I have an intolerance for them too. lol Seriously, I know that you can learn these things. I'm just not so good at them. I am learning and improving. Hopefully sharing my journey with you all will keep me honest and moving forward. In addition to my duties as wife and mother, I am a small business owner and am active with volunteering. I'm finding everything hard to keep up with unless I really take the time to plan out my day and set myself up for success.

My aim is to update this blog several times a week. I'll be honest. Life is busy and I've already mentioned my disorganization. There may be weeks when I slack a little. Bear with me, and enjoy the journey. We're gonna have a great trip together! I'm going to move some posts from another blog that I have. Yes, I have three blogs that I'm building. I'll tell you all more about that later. Have a great day!

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